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The Emergency Dentist

The Emergency Dentist

We find one of the only times people want to visit a dentist is if they are in pain, The joke an emergency dentist’s favourite time is two thirty (tooth hurty!) is one of the oldest in the book!

At Beverely Dental in Raynes Park we always try to see someone with tooth ache or a dental emergency, as we know it can be one of the worse type of pain you can have.

How do you book an emergency dental appointment with us?

If you find that you have a dental emergency at night (eg waking up with tooth ache or a broken tooth). We open from 8.30am and if you fill out your details in the book now form below we will contact you as soon as we open to see you that day.

Can I get in touch for a dental emergency out of hours?

Although we operate in general from 8.30 – 4.30pm and some Saturday’s. We always try and respond in the case of a dental emergency, especially if you live locally in SW20 or SW19. We can be found here.

You can message us via Facebook messenger out of hours and we will respond as quickly as possible. 

What we can help with and what is considered to be a dental emergency?

At Beverly Dental, our dentist are highly skilled and are used to treating dental abscess, swellings, toothache, lost crowns, lost veneers, fractured teeth, broken teeth, dental trauma, dental accidents, root canal pain, gum pain and loose bridges.

In future blogs we will help explain and provide helpful advice for these types of dental emergency.

How much does an emergency dentist cost?

The price of an emergency dentist varies and we often hear people asking are emergency dental services more expensive?

NHS services are available in some other practices which would be the lowest cost emergency dentist and if you call 111 they will be able to connect you with your nearest dentist.

Outside of the NHS private dentists set their own prices. These vary considerably and often an emergency consultation cost is quoted. It is important to ask if the cost includes treatment as most of the time treatment is on top of this. 

At Beverly dental we have a fixed fee for emergency dental appointments of £95 for new patients and £55 for existing patients no matter what the dental emergency.  The only treatments that would be higher than £95 and quoted at the time of diagnosis are root canal treatment, extractions and permanent fillings.  

What will your emergency dentist do?

We will aim to relieve pain, swelling  and prevent future infection as well as glue back on lost crowns or bridges.

We would also want to be able to give you the proven permanent solution to your dental emergency problem if we can at that appointment or work with you to book future appointments to fix your teeth. 

Should I go to a emergency dentist near me?

It is always more convenient to see a emergency dentist nearby. If your local dentist has a good reputation on google reviews and from word of mouth and can see you that day it is something we would always recommend.

At Beverly Dental in Raynes Park we always put your best interests first, using new technology with proven techniques to ensure we relieve your dental pain, toothache or replace you broken tooth or lost crown in a comfortable way.

When should you go to a hospital for a dental emergency?

Can I go to hospital for a dental emergency is a question we get asked occasionally. The answer is of course yes, although most hospitals will not have dentists working there. The main reasons to go to hospital with dental pain and dental emergencies are if there have been other injuries which are more severe and need to be dealt with, or if swelling is closing an eye or causing you to have trouble breathing.

What painkillers should I take for a dental pain?

Please see our previous blog which describes this.

Hopefully this helps explain what a dental emergency is and how we at Beverley Dental, Raynes Park, SW20 can help. If you do need to book an appointment please call us on 020 8241 2515 or email us at

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