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  • Protect teeth from fractures and wear.
  • Relief from muscular jaw pain.

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What are Mouthguards?

Although enamel is very strong, when you put excessive pressure through it from grinding your teeth or clenching, it can be worn down and the teeth put at risk of fracture.

At Beverley Dental we put a lot of time into prevention. We work hard to ensure that no problem develops or progresses. Mouthguards are fantastic at preventing further wear and damage to the teeth, but also to prevent fractures which can in some cases make teeth unrestorable.  

Mouthguards are custom fit appliances that we make in surgery, ensuring the most comfortable and snug fit.  

We can also make sports guards to lessen the risk of damage to your teeth during any contact sports that you may play.  

Prevention is key!

Mouthguard Pricing
Simple Bite Guard
from £150
Sports Guard
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a coloured sports guard?

Yes, we can arrange for a variety of different designs.

I've bitten through my bite guard; can you make a new one?

Yes of course, but we will need to look into your habits and ask ‘why?’, as alternative appliances may be of more benefit to you. Come in to discuss your options.

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