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Anti Wrinkle Treatments
Same-day appointments available
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  • Anti wrinkle treatment to relax the muscles of the face to soften facial likes and wrinkles.
  • Treatment plan tailored to you from out Facial Aesthetics Assessment.
  • Quick appointments, safe, and no downtime!
  • Leave with a refreshed appearance.

20 mins





What are Anti Wrinkle Treatments?

Anti wrinkle treatments are an option following your facial aesthetics assessment. We can offer advice on how our anti wrinkle treatments can be used best to achieve a natural result to address any areas you are concerned about.

Anti wrinkle treatment work to smooth wrinkles through injecting a naturally occurring protein which relaxes the muscles of the face. This results in a natural, smooth and refreshed appearance.

It is important that a full assessment is done beforehand to assess what will work best to achieve your goals. There is a large selection of cosmetic injectables available and so choosing which is right for you is vital.

A very popular treatment with both men and women, anti wrinkle treatment is completed in a few minutes. You could even book for your lunch hour and return to work after the appointment.

Get in contact and find out how we can help.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment Pricing
1 Area
from £250
2 Areas
from £275
3 Areas
from £295
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the appointment?

Your doctor will use very fine needles to deliver the injections quickly and safely to the desired areas. Once finished at your appointment you will be fine to return to your day.

How does it work?

Muscles in our face and neck are constantly at work whenever we move them, and where the skin creases, grooves form that we know as “wrinkles”. Over time the collagen and elastin we produce slows down so the lines overlying the muscles become more pronounced. 

Anti-wrinkle injections reduce the movement in the muscles treated so the wrinkles in the skin are softened giving a younger and refreshed appearance. 

How long does it last?

Usually treatment of this kind lasts around 4 months.

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