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Root Canal Treatment in Raynes Park

Same-day appointments available
  • Pain relief.
  • Removal of infection.
  • Save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction.
  • Advanced materials and techniques.
  • Dentist with special interest in Endodontics.

60 – 90 mins




1 – 3

Root Canal Treatment Xray By Dr Celine Higton At Beverley Dental Raynes Park London
What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the nerve or blood supply in the tooth is infected, the tooth requires root canal treatment. This can happen after decay or after an injury and if not treated can lead to a dental abscess, causing the classic presentation of dental pain.

Initially, our plan is to get you out of pain in the most comfortable way possible.  Once that has been achieved, we can look to explore the tooth, identify and navigate the canals and shape them so that they can be effectively cleaned. Once we have cleaned as much of the canal as the tooth allows, we can seal the tooth using a root filling.  

When a tooth needs root canal treatment and the treatment is finished, the tooth is more brittle than before and will require protection in the form of further restoration to its crown.

Root Canal Treatment Pricing
Molar Root Canal Treatment
from £795
Incisor/Canine Root Canal Treatment
from £650
Premolar Root Canal Treatment
from £650
Re-Root Canal Treatment
+ £120
Post Core
from £120
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Root canal treatment has a bad reputation, but it’s just as easy and pain-free as any other treatment. The best comparison is that it feels no different to a routine restoration, it just takes a little longer. You will have local anaesthetic and should not feel any soreness while treatment is going on.

What is the alternative to root canal treatment?

The alternative to completing root canal treatment is extraction (to remove the tooth) this is the only other way to successfully remove the source of the infection which is present within the tooth.  

We would then have to discuss options to replace the tooth.  

In the majority of cases it is preferable to try and hold on to your natural teeth!

Why does it take longer than just a filling?

Root canal treatment is arguably one of the most complex and challenging aspects of dentistry and it is important that each area of each canal, with a starting size as small as a hundredth of a mm, is thoroughly explored and cleaned to its full length, and this can take time.

How long does the root canal treatment last?

This very much depends. The aim in root canal treatment is to sterilise the tooth to ensure no more infection can take hold, unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee complete sterilisation and so sometimes the tooth can flare up again, needing either another root canal treatment or extraction.  The most recent studies into root canal treatment suggest that there is a 77% to 96% chance of success over 8-12 years.

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