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Dental Health Check
Same-day appointments available
  • Our opportunity to listen to your concerns and wishes.
  • Full comprehensive assessment of your oral health.
  • Discussion of all options available to you.
  • Assess how best to prevent further problems in the future and maintain your oral health. Prevention is the key!
  • Together we can create a treatment plan to get you back to health and achieve your goals.

30 – 45 mins





What is a Dental Health Check?

A dental health check is our time to listen. Dentistry is a team effort, not just between dentist, hygienist, nurse and technician, but also between us and you. We need to work together to conquer any issues – the dental health check is our opportunity to build our team to conquer any issues together.

The dental health check gives us an opportunity to fully assess what is going on in your mouth, head and neck so we can plan how to best to look after you.

We start by having a relaxed discussion about what it is you are concerned about, followed by a comprehensive examination to check your mouth, head and neck.

Once we have all of the information, we can discuss all of the options available to you and can work together to plan your journey.

Regular dental health checks ensure we stay on top of your dental health, we would always rather prevent a problem than the alternative!

Dental Health Check Pricing
includes 2 X-rays
from £54
excluding X-rays
digital with low radiation
Need to book a Dental Health Check?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do new patients need a dental health check?

Absolutely, not only do we need to get to know you and what your concerns may be, but planning is the most important part of dentistry. This makes sure everything is completed in the right order and in such a way that allows us to best provide any treatment.

What happens at the first appointment?

After introducing you to us we start by having an informal discussion to find out more about you and allow you to get to know us. You can ask any questions you may have.

We then move on to examining your mouth, once comfortable and with protective glasses on we gently examine all of the relevant tissues.

After taking any relevant xrays we need we sit you up and discuss with you all our findings and diagnosis.

We then go on to talk to you about all of the options available to you and let you ask any questions you may have at this point.

Once we both have all the information we can design a treatment plan for you.

Will I need x-rays?

Once we have identified any concerns, x-rays allow us to assess what’s going on underneath your tissues. We need x-rays to make a full assessment, and once we have them we can make a full diagnosis. We take routine x-rays at set intervals (usually 6 months to 2 years) depending on how worried we are about any further dental disease occurring. We use digital X-ray machines this halves the dose of radiation compared to conventional x-rays.

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