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ICON Treatment
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  • Repair early decay with no drilling.
  • Camouflage white spots.
  • Create a mote uniform appearance to the teeth.

60 mins





ICON Treatment By Dr Ben Walker At Beverley Dental Raynes Park London
What is ICON Treatment?

ICON treatment is a revolutionary new treatment used to repair areas of tooth without any drilling by infiltrating resins, similar to the ones found in white filling materials. It can also be used to mask white spots present on the front teeth.

Areas of weakened enamel or enamel that has developed with a white appearance are the primary focus of ICON treatment.  

A quick test in surgery determines how responsive your teeth will be to ICON, and we can then discuss with you how best to manage any lesions.

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ICON Treatment Pricing
ICON Treatment
+ £60 per tooth treated
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the appointment?

After drying and isolating the teeth we wash them multiple times with a gel which prepares the teeth for the ICON treatment. This is then with a blue light.

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