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Dental Crowns
Same-day appointments available
  • Dental crowns used to protect the teeth and alter the appearance.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Strong and long lasting materials.
  • Highly trained dentists and lab technicians in the field.
  • Single session crowns available.

30 – 60 mins




1 – 2

Anterior Crown By Dr Celine Higton At Beverley Dental Raynes Park London
What are Dental Crowns?

A crown isn’t just something the Queen wears; we put dental crowns on teeth to protect them and any dentistry done underneath.

Why a Dental Crown or Onlay? When dental decay has done too much damage that a routine restoration cannot restore, or a tooth has fractured, the tooth needs protecting to help prevent further damage.

In these cases, a crown can be the best course of action. Crowns are covers for the teeth encompassing all or some of the surfaces visible in the mouth.

Traditionally they were gold or silver but with developments in technology and porcelain we can now personalise white crowns to match your teeth.

We pride ourselves on working with some of the most skilled lab technicians in London. They produce incredibly well fitting and beautifully aesthetic crowns, whilst retaining strength and function.

Dental Crowns Pricing
from £649
from £765
High Aesthetic Crown
from £800
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace my old crowns with a more aesthetic white one?

Yes of course.  As long as the tooth is healthy, we can replace old dental crowns with a more aesthetic ones designed to either change or fit in with your smile.

What is the best material to have a crown in?

This depends on where is it is in the mouth. Teeth which will be visible in the smile will need a more aesthetic crown, whilst teeth at the back have to do more chewing and need to be able to withstand this better. Once we have examined your mouth, we will be able to discuss with you the best options!

What is the process?

After some local anaesthetic and some moulds of your mouth, the tooth is prepared for your crown. Once we have prepared the tooth ready for your crown, you will have a personalised temporary crown made to keep the tooth safe while the lab fabricates your crown.  Around 2 weeks later, or that day if you are having a cerec crown, the crown will be cemented into place and checked in your mouth.

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