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Composite Bonding Raynes Park

Same-day appointments available
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  • Immediate change in the appearance of the teeth; correcting imperfections in shape and colour.
  • Highly aesthetics outcome.
  • Good life-span.
  • Dentists highly experienced in composite.

1 – 2 hours





Composite Bonding To Close Tooth Gap By Dr Celine Higton At Beverley Dental Raynes Park London
What is Composite Bonding?

We aim to be as conservative as possible when treating teeth. With improvements in technology surrounding white filling materials, composites are now harder wearing, more aesthetic and stick to the tooth better. The treatment doesn’t necessarily need any anaesthetic either!

How Many Appointments?

In most cases composite bonding can be completed in one session. For larger cases it may be split over two.

What is Composite?

Composite is a white material we use for fillings which sticks to the teeth. They are incredibly aesthetic and can be polished to look just like a tooth. We use IPS Empress Direct. Click here to see it in action.


It is very important to pick a dentist with a lot of experience when choosing to have bonding. As a technique sensitive treatment, it requires particular skill and training to be done to a high aesthetic standard. All the dentists at Beverley Dental have undergone postgraduate training under some of the most talented aesthetic dentists in the world to complete this treatment to the highest possible standard.

How Long Does It Take?

The appointment usually will take around about one to two hours depending on how many teeth are being bonded. It will also depend on the amount that needs to be added.

How Long Do They Last?

Composites last around 10 years, however, when used at the front of the mouth in this way will need regular maintenance. This may be in the form of repairing chips or polishing.


The most common alternative treatment used to achieve a similar result is porcelain veneers. Have a look at our Porcelain Veneers treatment page to find out more.

Please get in contact to see how we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.


Composite Bonding Pricing
Composite Bonding
from £200
per tooth
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last?

This treatment lasts less time than a common alternative such as porcelain veneers. You will need adjustments and additions within a 5 year time frame. 

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